Changes to fees and charges

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Jan 14, 2022

Changes to fees and charges

Tuition fee increases
These are fee regulations which describe how fees may change during your course.

Fees normally increase each year due to rising costs at the College. For new students the fees will be published at least two months in advance of the start of the semester to which they relate. For continuing students, so you can plan your likely future expenditure, increases in fees will be determined as follows:

-       The College reserves the right to increase tuition fees by inflation (RPI excluding mortgage interest payments) and/or the maximum permitted by law or government policy (which may exceed the rate of inflation) in the second and subsequent years of your course. If we intend to exercise this right to increase tuition fees, notification will be placed on these web pages by the end of June in the academic year before the one in which we intend to exercise that right.

-       Fees are normally fixed at the level charged in the first year of the course; a few exceptions to this are given in the Tuition Fees section.

-       Fees, and college continuation charges for students who start on a course in 2022/23 and who continue on the same course for more than one year will usually increase annually.

-       In deciding the annual level of increase the college will take into account a range of factors, including rises in the costs of delivering the course, and changes in government funding. The increase will not exceed 6% each year, or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) if higher.

-       The fees that you will need to pay in any one academic year will usually be published before the first application deadline for the course concerned. Normally this will be by September of the previous year: for instance, most fees for 2022/23 will have been published by September 2021.

-       Fees for new entrants are subject to annual review, and may be higher than those for continuing students. Fees for new entrants will be published on the same timescale as for continuing students, as stated above.

Additional course costs
-       The level of additional course costs for students who start on a course in 2022/23 and who continue on the same course for more than one year will usually increase annually. Increases are expected to be in line with inflation, unless there are identifiable above-inflation rises in costs directly associated with the activity. These may, for example, include costs charged by third parties.


Fees relating to examinations and related matters
(eg entry for examinations, resubmission of theses, late entry for examinations, copies of transcripts, issuing certificates from 01/01/2022, etc.)

From 01/01/2022 and upon completing your course, all students are required to pay £150 GBP for administrative costs,

 These fees are for securely packaging and shipping of students` documents and certificates to one of our international admissions offices. Additional shipping cost might apply in case of special courier, specific address required or extra administrative services.




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