Physics IGCSE

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The Physics IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification that is designed to develop a solid understanding of physics formulae, ideas, and studies within different circumstances, such as different types of motion. The course is mapped against Pearsons Edexcel international IGCSE Physics. This IGCSE qualification is the same as you would study in school.

In this course students will study the practical nature of physics as well as the theoretical, learning to form hypotheses and design experiments. They will learn to evaluate, in terms of scientific knowledge, the benefits and drawbacks of scientific and technological developments.

Students will also become familiar with, and be able to utilise correctly, essential scientific formula, and be able to identify the different symbols used within these formulae.

The content of this course is covered in 8 modules and includes an assessment upon completion to help test and cement the student’s knowledge and understanding, thereby giving students the best chance of an IGCSE qualification in a flexible and affordable manner.

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